This page is a call out to the great city of Rutland, Vermont. So exciting to watch its continual transformation.

Hello friends and supporters of the great city of Rutland, VT. Thank you so much for visiting this page and supporting this call to action. What we hope to achieve with this effort, is to boost the awareness that Rutland is an amazing place to live, work, and raise a family. Words are powerful weapons for good or ill. Since we all want to have a better place to call home, why not speak life and prosperity rather then gloom and doom? The worst-case scenario is, you will feel better participating in positivity… best case is Rutland emerges from her chrysalis and is able to spread her wings and fly!

We have one request for those of you who enjoy posting and commenting on line. ONLY positive, happy posts will be permitted. There are countless places on line to argue politics or decision-making – this is simply not one of them. Having that disclaimer out of the way, bring on the news of upcoming events, a note on great service, a photo of a slice of Ted’s or a Gill’s hot Italian… bring on the good stuff!